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Estimator Superintendent Project Manager Owner's Construction Manager (no discipline necessary)

Contracting Discipline

General Contracting Mechanical Contracting Electrical Contracting Roadbuilding / Heavy Construction Specialty Trade

Specialty Trades:

Industry Experience:

A Gold Seal Intern candidate must have a minimum of 1 year of Canadian work experience in the Designation applied for


A Gold Seal Intern candidate must be enrolled in an employer-sponsored education program leading to recognition as Project Manager, Estimator or Superintendent. Employment as a Project Coordinator, Assistant Project Manager, Assistant Superintendent or junior Estimator is considered to be an employer-sponsored program. The application must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement by the employer.

10 credits per year (must complete project list)

NOTE: Please list only those projects worked on that were awarded to your organization. Experience in the residential sector includes all projects that fall under part 9 of the National Building Code. This definition recognizes that all single family residences will continue to be excluded regardless of size. All other residential occupancies and projects that fall under Part 3 of the National Building Code will fall under the ICI sector and will be included for Gold Seal Certification.

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Trade Experience: Work experience in a relevant construction trade at the Journeyperson level will qualify for certification credits.

Note: You can gain additional credits if you have a tradesperson qualification. If you possess a tradesperson qualification please include a copy of your ticket here. If you are not certified, no credits will be allocated. If there is not a tradesperson qualification available in your province for your trade, you will need to demonstrate a minimum of 6000 hours as a tradesperson by way of letter from a third party in order to be equivalent to a certified journeyperson.


Note: Roadbuilding Trades: In applications for Superintendent, Roadbuilding and Heavy Construction, credit will be given for minimum 6000 hours heavy equipment operation as equivalent to a trade certificate. Applicants must provide a letter from a current or past employer attesting to this experience.

Formal Education:
- Provide Proof of Academic Achievement (not required for secondary school)
- For foreign education, please provide certification of Canadian equivalency
- Apprenticeship training does not qualify in this section


(Industry Related Diploma)
Program of Study Completed:
Duration & Details:
No. of Years:
Year Completed:


(Industry Related Degree)
Program of Study Completed:
Duration & Details:
No. of Years:
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Mandatory Education
Construction Industry Ethics
Online Certificate:
Classroom Certificate:
The registered Gold Seal Intern will eventually need to meet all requirements including the mandatory education requirement of the Construction Industry Ethics course prior to being eligible to challenge the exam.

Additional Mandatory Education
Mandatory Education Attachment 1:
Mandatory Education Attachment 2:

Training and Courses:
(Attach certificates, transcripts, or other proof of completion. Duration of courses must be indicated below)

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All candidates must provide a letter of recommendation from their current employer (direct supervisor) stating their position within the company, length of time with the company as well as a brief summary of duties. Candidates who are self-employed will require a letter from a client.

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Self-enhancement Employer request/demand Improve employment opportunities
Facilitate geographic mobility Condition of contract Other (explain)

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Please provide any additional information that may be useful to your application by uploading it below (eg. Resume/CV, Job Description, Gold Seal Certificate, etc.)

Payment Intern Registration

$100 plus G.S.T. or H.S.T. where applicable per Gold Seal Certificate.

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